Classroom Presentations

  • Domestic Violence Dynamics
  • Officer Safety in Responding to Domestic Violence Calls 
  • Self Defense/ Dominant Aggressor
  • Trauma Informed Interviewing
  • Abuser Interrogation
  • Evidence Preservation and Collection
  • Digital Photography
  • Understanding Wound Dynamics
  • Investigation of Strangulation
  • Stalking
  • Protective Order Enforcement
  • Lethality Assessments
  • Safety Planning
  • Domestic Violence Law (Oklahoma)
  • Child Welfare REsponse to Domestic Violence
  • Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
  • Evidence Based Domestic Violence Investigation
  • Evidence Based Sexual Assault Investigations
  • Prosecuting the Evidence Based Case
  • Forfeiture by Wrong Doing and Hearsay Exceptions

Presentations are scheduled in a minimum of 2 hour blocks and programs can be designed up to 3 days.


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